Proposals / Campaigns

This page is a database of ready-to-use sales campaigns and proposals. Each creative idea contains a complete written proposal which you can customize in the Workshop section of this site. Many also contain extras, like audio, powerpoint presentations, info sheets, Microsoft Word versions etc. and the page is updated many times each week.

March Madness

Now's the time to approach sponsors for your March Madness coverage. We've deisgned two simple but effective ways to structure your sponsorships: one for a title ("Full Court") sponsor, and one that can be shared among a range of co-sponsors.

These are complete proposals, with instructions, artwork and ideas.

In the Workshop section, you can preview all proposals, customize them (change text, add your own station logos etc.) save it in your own folders, associate it with particular clients you have added to your Contacts, add in your spot info and print. You can also access Microsoft Word versions for editing outside of Connect]. Click here to view (in the Workshop section of Connect).

Once there, click the "Preview" link to view the preview the proposal. The "Details" tab in the preview will show you all the associated media and documents that come with the proposal.

Proposals / Campaigns