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Don't Present Without A Plan

Very few airtime sales are made during the first contact. Even so you should always hold the hope of closing the sale. A good radio salesperson gets an order whenever the occasion presents itself.

Although the initial call by and large is intended to establish and introduce your radio station to a prospective candidate (and specifically determines that particular advertisers needs), you should always be ready to advocate a suitable advertising product. This means some research must be instituted relative to the business you are approaching, well before the meeting commences - even if it is the first meeting. Never walk into any business meeting without some kind of proposal in mind. Should your advertising prospect indicate a desire to get the ball rolling right way - you will be ready.

Always be prepared during your presentation:

CHALLENGE: Establish your prospect's needs. Ascertain the challenge - what is preventing the client from enjoying more business?
BLUEPRINT: Demonstrate how your station can address this need and improve your prospects business.
STRATEGY: Explain an advertising campaign that will be effective. Detail its inherent value.

PRESENT: Make the close.

If the first call goes well you may decide to go for an order immediately. If your prospect is compelled - great. In the event the advertiser is not prepared to make an immediate decision you should obviously make a follow-up appointment. Make a call back appointment as close to the initial exchange as possible to prevent your good impression from fading and growing cold. The primary objective of the return call (if a presentation was made during the first call) is to obviously close the sale and get the order.

To strengthen your argument you must review and consider any objections or reservations that may have emerged during the first call, and formulate a plan to overcome them. Meanwhile your proposition may be strengthened to become even more attractive to your prospective client by producing a 'spec’ commercial for his or her listening pleasure as further incentive.

Should your efforts fail the second time out, make a third and even fourth, fifth, or sixth call.

Perseverance does pay off and many salespeople admit just when they figured a situation was hopeless someone initially thought 'cold' suddenly said, "Yes. Let’s go ahead".

People's needs change from moment to moment…

… to moment.

Sell without Regret.

Michael Tate

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Sales Training