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Fear Of Commitment


These days a lot of radio salespeople only seem to be impersonating radio salespeople. These folks are often referred to as order-takers.

Surely the principle task of any salesperson is to 'secure commitment' from advertisers and prospects. This capability to 'secure commitment' is why salespeople are valued. A recent study tells that nearly 4 out of 6 salespeople don't ask for a commitment on any of their sales calls.

As salespeople we are asked to complete many duties: from research to customer needs analyses; training to market analysis; from writing copy to filing reports. But we can't disregard what our true worth is; we must be excellent at 'gaining commitment'.

There are some simple rules to follow when you are seeking to secure commitment. You must always set a commitment goal before any sales call or meeting. Failure to do this is the most common sales error we make as commercial radio sales people.

Always ask yourself, "What commitment will I gain from the customer as a result of making this call or having this meeting? Will this commitment move the sales procedure forward?"

In many cases your commitment won't be to get an airtime order. You may want to gain a commitment for another meeting, you may want access to decision makers. A commitment for referrals, or a commitment for perhaps dealing with the truth about whatever the situation has presented.

Always be listening for buying indications. They may take the form of questions or positive statements of buying like "How much is it?" "When do the commercials go to air?" and "I like what you are showing me."

These should be signals to you that it is time to ask for and secure a commitment. Whenever a buying signal is present you must “go for it”. Use a non-manipulative process when you ask for a commitment by summarizing your stations features and benefits and then of course the price. Ask, "How do you feel about this campaign or plan?" And then ask, "Would you like to go ahead with this advertising campaign?"

As radio salespeople gaining and securing commitment from advertisers is our principle goal.
So why then do more than 70% of us never actually ask for commitment from our prospects?

I suspect it is because of fear. Fear that makes us stall at the crucial moment, the fear of failure, and for some of us the fear of success. How do we overcome it? How can we beat it?

It occurred to me during the other day that failure is not so frightening as the fear of regret.

Live without regret, and sell without Regret

Michael Tate

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