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The Heart Of The Matter

During the course of a radio sales day we often try to sell our clients on the idea that our medium is the theater of the mind. But do we understand that the mind is actually a 24-hour per Day Theater, open seven days a week, 365 days a year running continuous showings of generally bad home movies? It doesn’t just open only for the viewing of radio commercials!

Every event that occurs in our lives begins initially in our imaginings - from the depths of our minds. Everything we have ever achieved, started or stopped, began and never finished, succeeded or failed at - everything is first visualized in our minds.

I say visualized because ‘we see it happening’ inside our heads. Most of us think of visualizing as deliberately sitting down and meditating upon positive things, seeing our dreams, and focusing on goals; changing our fate by positively affirming new thought and good ideas, ala Anthony Robbins and company. We may even think the idea of visualization a little hokey. But the truth is that we all already visualize every day.

We all look into the future, and the very fact that know we need to mediate on positive things suggests that most of us visualize our lives in a constant negative state. It’s of little wonder that most of us have a mediocre time. What do you imagine when you think of your life? Your future? Do you see problems, and things that might go wrong? Or do you see opportunities and successes?

There are no limitations to our imaginings. No limits on our positive thoughts, or our self imposed doubts. We can kill or cure ourselves with a single thought. Our minds are truly powerful, "whatever you think, you’ll prove yourself absolutely right".

You can set yourself up for triumph or disaster. You can visualize anything you wish, but it is you who decides what it is. Right or wrong. Black or white. We’re absolutely not bound by the physical world, the fear of financial insecurity, the fear of fear itself, rejection, or any of the other worldly chains that bind and restrict us. But you can be bound - it’s your choice.

The mind is like any muscle though, it needs exercise. It takes practice to change our minds, along with some willingness, open-mindedness, honesty, courage and desire. Choose the play that you want to see in the theatre of your mind, and don’t settle for second best. Leave your limitations behind, and see your life as you would truly like it to be. Stop showing reruns of the same old drama. Instead premier an Oscar winning movie starring you. Walk up the red-carpet, take a seat and enjoy the view.

The life you create, the life you have today is first created in the theater of your mind.

Sell without regret.

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