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Rising To Mediocrity

Last night when you lay your head down were you content with your day?

Were you enthusiastic enough at work? Did you love your companion enough? Did you learn something, or realize something brand new? When your son or daughter asked for your time and attention - did they get all of you, or just a little? When your client signed off on the advertising contract, were you positive it was the right schedule, or was it a little soft? Did you procrastinate, again, with concern to something significant and imperative? Did you have the courage to take any chances?

Did you?

For me when I am alone, I mean really alone, I wonder about Michael. I think about whether or not I am doing the correct things in the correct manner. Whether or not I speak and behave in an appropriate way. I wonder about my motivations for doing what I do.

Do I help or do I hinder? Do I genuinely and ultimately care about anyone else before me?

It has been a lingering contemplation of mine that “if we want more from life (and ourselves), then more is required”.

More passion. More faith. More courage. More love.

More chances. More truthfulness.

More action.

For me I much more willingly prefer that my life, the things that I do, lead me to the gutter or place me amidst glory - at least I feel this way on my better days.

Mediocrity isn't for me, and I suspect that it is not really for you.

It may be comfortable, and it may be safe, but it's gray and often meaningless.

When a man dies the Greeks don't ask, “how did he live?” they ask, “did he live with passion?”

In life pain is inevitable but misery, optional.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate
President: ARIA

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