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Tips For A Successful Radio Advertising Campaign

1. Choose the media that will reach your clients target market. It sounds obvious, but make sure your target audience will see and/or hear your clients ad. Bare in mind “the customer comes first”; even without their questioning your choice select a publication or radio or cable station that your clients target audience reads or tunes to. Even if this causes you to lose your commission – do the right thing and the universe will repay you.

2. Write ad copy that your prospects will want to read. If your prospects choose your station don’t forget their primary interest is in what radio will do for them, not what it actually is. Which would you be more likely to read, a headline that reads, “Accounting Services” or one that reads, “How to Avoid Overpaying Your Taxes”?

3. Have others establish your credibility. If space allows, include testimonials in your media kit verifying the outstanding results your station(s) will generate.

4. Motivate prospects to contact you via advertising or promotions like ARIA’s Freeplug Friday.

Perhaps include a limited-time offer or something free - a report on your market, an appraisal of their business and current advertising process - this will help prompt your prospects to take action.

5. Tell prospects what you want them to do and how to do it. This is your “call to action”. Tell them to call you, visit your web site, send you an email, fill in the reply card, etc.
6. Follow up your offer with more information prospects need to make a positive decision.

Too many sales people make the mistake at this point in the sales process of launching into a sales pitch.

Whether your prospect is on the phone, or in a face-to-face meeting with you help them clarify the problem or concern they have and then remind them of the solution you can provide; then remind them what action you want them to take.

7. Continue to educate your prospects and clients. Stay in touch with likely prospects by contacting them at least once a month.

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Sales Training