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8 Communication Mistakes

They say communication is 80% non-verbal and if you’re a good salesperson you’ll know this to be true. Here however is a list of common mistakes that you should be aware of in order to maximize the remaining 20% of communication.

1. What we have here is a failure to communicate: When you feel you “have” to communicate, you probably won’t be communicating very well. In other words, if you wait until you "have" to say something, you've probably missed the real opportunity for good communication.

2. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken: If you ever find yourself repeating statements, urging someone to see things your way; or creating evidence to strengthen your argument, you're probably caught up in the ego of winning the argument and you will be missing the point. Let it go – you don’t have to be right all the time.

3. Hello, is anybody there? Ever spoken down a dead telephone line? When you are communicating with someone let him or her know you hear them. Let people bounce off you – let them know you are present by repeating bits of what they are saying to you back to them. Communication is a two way street.

4. White face, black heart: Full communication means that you must expose everything that's important to the situation at hand. If you edit out the important stuff, you maintain a hidden agenda and most intuitive people can sense this action. As a result they won’t buy from you, they won’t know why but they just won’t buy.

5. Deal with the Truth: We've always been trained to say the right thing, even if it isn’t the truth. With all the hard sell occurring today, people are less tolerant of crap and highly reward and value truth, sincerity, directness. There is a truth in every communication and it's worth finding. Always tell the truth, even if there are consequences.

6. Empathy: When you are communicating with someone put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes. Do you understand their point of view? Are you speaking and communicating at their level? Ask if people understand the way you communicate – you may be surprised at their answers. You may even grow.

7. Machine-gun Mouth: Do you speak so quickly people find it difficult to understand you? Often speed in speech is a result of fear. You have nothing to be afraid of – find out why you speak so quickly, become aware of it and change.

8. Picky, Picky, Picky: Nothing puts the brakes on good clear communication than criticism. Criticism in any form slows up the communication process. Before you criticize determine if your motives are appropriate.

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