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Easily Forgotten

The wonderful thing about teaching, is how much you learn about the things you think you already know. Seeing information one has gathered over years reflected in the faces, reactions, and questions of people for whom it is brand new is consistently refreshing.

It is also an opportunity to receive stories and experiences of radio sales from people not in the business.

Just today for example I described the importance of something seemingly so simple - making sure that any prospective client you meet understands precisely what it is you are trying to do for them - precisely what the point of advertising on the radio is; that you are there to begin a relationship that exists in order to grow that client's business; that you understand how to do that; that you have a plan, a time frame and a price; that this is the beginning of an exciting journey for both of you.

Isn't that simple? Isn't that what we're here for? I noticed that one trainee seemed particularly affected by this concept, so I spoke to her afterwards. She told me that, in a previous part of her life, she had struggled for five years trying to make a restaurant franchise work. She told me that each week she had been forced by the franchiser to spend big money on printed inserts for the local newspapers.

She said that the franchiser had consistently repeated to her the importance of advertising for the success of the franchise, but had never told her how to do it successfully.

Worse, she told me that twice a week, each week, for a year, she had been visited by a persistent radio sales person from the local radio station. Each week, this sales person had returned, like clockwork, to try and 'sell' her airtime on this radio station. Each week, my trainee had listened politely, but with growing frustration, and each week, said "No".

And then she told me why. "Not once," she said, "did that sales person really tell me why she was there. I mean, she told me about the station, she told me the cost of the spots, she told me about their coverage and their programming. But not once did she say that she had a plan that would help my business grow; that she knew what she was doing because she knew what I was doing; that all I needed was right there, available and affordable."

In short, this sales person didn't actually talk about her and her restaurant.

She ended with a moral. She shook her head and told me that, after five years of struggle, she had had to admit defeat with that restaurant. Then she looked me right in the eye and said, "You know, if that radio sales person had talked to me then like you did today, I would have taken that advertising right there - and maybe that business would have worked after all. The only thing I needed was a few more customers."

Some things are so simple they're easily forgotten, or even ignored from the start. Don't ever forget what we're here for - and please make sure all your clients know it too.

Sales Training