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This page is a database of articles and downloadable white papers on many different aspects of sales training. You can search for any particular topic (e.g. "cold-calling") by typing it into the search box above the list of contents to the right. If you use the productivity tools in Connect (Calendar, Contacts, Workshop, Dashboard) you can use your dashboard results to see which areas of selling you have the most weak spots and then come to this page to find training resources to help you improve.

Create a Campaign, Not Just a Spot

Every time you create a spot, think about making it into a campaign - a theme that will tie all the client's commercials together and give them an identity in the minds of the audience.

Don’t go beyond the concept stage of the first spot before you ask yourself, “How would I develop this into a campaign?” Then write down as many concepts for other spots in the campaign as you can think of. If the first spot isn’t adaptable to a campaign, you may have to abandon or at least change it.

Even if your client is expecting, budgeting for, or preparing to air only one commercial, always have a campaign ready. It will give you another good reason to come back to the client and it will remind them that they have a group of commercials to use on the radio to give them consistency – not to just run a one shot trial. It also gives you alternatives if the client turns down the first spot.

A campaign can be based around recurring characters, voices, situations, attitudes, formats, styles, themes or points of view.

If you’ve created a single spot and haven’t developed a campaign, then you may be hard-pressed to come up with others to fit with the first one, and you might have to abandon the original concept for another, losing some of the identity you’ve begun to establish for the advertiser.

You want to use radio’s power to give your advertiser a brand, an image, a niche in the listener’s mind. Give your spots diversity within the unity of a campaign.

Jeffrey hedquist can be contacted at Hedquist Productions, Inc.

Sales Training