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This page is a database of articles and downloadable white papers on many different aspects of sales training. You can search for any particular topic (e.g. "cold-calling") by typing it into the search box above the list of contents to the right. If you use the productivity tools in Connect (Calendar, Contacts, Workshop, Dashboard) you can use your dashboard results to see which areas of selling you have the most weak spots and then come to this page to find training resources to help you improve.

Keys To A Good Testimonial

Now is an important time to get good client testimonials. They are great to send to clients via email, post them on your website and air them on your station. Here are some keys to getting a good testimonial.

1. Use clients that are considered businesses leaders - not just advertisers.
2. Never script the testimonial out. Ask them questions like why do they like using radio? Why do you think radio delivers results for your business? What type of success have you had with radio? Why is radio an important part of your marketing plan?
3. Have an announcer introduce them and the name of their business. Make it sound more like a conversation and not a testimonial.
4. Let the client talk a lot so you can edit down the good parts.
5. You don’t have to add a plea for businesses to call the station after each testimonial. The testimonial can be effective without it especially if the client states the station name in the testimonial.

Try and get a variety of client testimonials. Business owners will be impressed if they hear several different types of businesses having success on the radio. Don’t just get one good one and play it over and over. Business people will think you only had success with one client. That is not the image you want. A good testimonial can make the selling a little easier if done right and a variety of them can have a real impact on the attitude of your prospects.

By Doug Edge, General Manager, Crossroads Communications, Terre Haute IN

Sales Training