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Plugging in Advertisers to Your Fan Page

Part 3 of the series on Leveraging Social Media to Make Money: A radio station’s fan page on Facebook is a great way to increase advertising revenue. Once you have built up a solid number of fans you can leverage these loyal listeners into sales just like you do on radio. The big difference is you know exactly the demographic make-up of your fans. Advertisers love knowing how many people they are reaching. You can view your fan page’s “view insight” on Facebook and see the exact demographic make up of your fans including age, sex, and city.

There are a number of ways you can sell advertisers on promoting them via your station’s fan page. Although many of these ideas can be incorporated into a radio campaign, don’t give away your Facebook audience by simply making it “added value”. Assign real value to your fans and promoting information to them based on how big your audience is.

Here are some ideas on what you can offer an advertiser on a Facebook fan page:

1. Post a “wall” comment about a businesses product or service. Attach a link to their website or a photo/ logo to the post. Make the post conversational not “sales jargon”. Much like you would read a “live read” for a client on the air.
2. Post an event for an advertiser. Grand Opening, Clearance Sales, Open Houses and the list goes on. Be sure to note if the station will be present for a remote or supporting the event in some other way. Again be sure to include links and images to add value to the post.
3. Send an update to your fans on behalf of an advertiser. Unlike a “wall” post that could be overlooked, an update is sent directly to the fan for them to check. Updates can be used to let them in on a special sale or event before anyone else finds out. You should charge a premium for sending advertiser information out via an update on Facebook.
4. Create a photo album about an advertiser. This is great for service companies that have before and after pictures. Write good captions for each photo. Come up with creative names for the photo albums that will attract fans to view and interact with them. For example; create a Fall Hair Makeover album instead of Judy’s Beauty Salon album. Photo albums are also great for those businesses with unique or hard to describe products.
5. Post a video for an advertiser. Video content can be easily produced by a station staff member. It doesn’t have to be anything highly technical. A simple video about a product or service can be very interesting. Tie in on air personalities to make something humorous or more engaging to the viewer. Be creative and keep the videos short from just a few seconds to no longer than 3 minutes.

Use your on air staff to tease advertiser information on your Facebook fan page. Just let listeners know enough to make them want to become a fan of your page to get more information. Saying things like; “We just posted a special deal for lunch at Bob’s BBQ on our WAXY fan page. Make sure you sign up to be a fan of WAXY on Facebook so you will be the first to know about special deals from local businesses.” Advertisers will enjoy an extra plug on the air and your fan page will gain some more fans. In the next part of the Social Media series we will discuss how to price social media and provide ideas for conducting promotions on your fan page.

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