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Buy Local Campaign: LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Here's an example of a local radio station who created a 'buy local' campaign and ran it free, in support of local businesses. The reaction was extremely positive and has lead to an increase in sales as well as benefiting the community and the local economy. This kind of campaign can also be run in conjunction with our 'Free Plug Friday' campaign, which you can get from the Creative Proposal Workshop inside Connect. Here are the details:

The Situation: At the turn of the year it was evident that the economy was suffering, and this would have a deep impact on local businesses. The folks at the radio station decided not to sit on their hands, and understood that all the negative publicity coming from the national media needed to be countered with positive messages coming from the local media, and specifically these 5 radio stations.

The Solution: Mid-West Family Broadcasting in LaCrosse, Wisconsin built a series of “Shop Local” commercials to keep a positive light on why to shop and specifically why to shop on a local level. Commercials were scheduled, at no charge as a public service to the local business community, each and every day on all of their radio stations.

The Results: Local businesses were ecstatic about the campaign, with dozens sending letters, emails or calling the General Manager to thank the radio stations for doing this. The local chamber of commerce asked to spread the campaign into other media, which led to similar commercials being found on all the radio stations in the market, TV and newspaper…all based on the campaign built by Mid-West Family Broadcasting. This has had a few specific effects. Advertisers who were already on but thinking of cutting back chose not to do so. Past advertisers who had cut, now were calling in asking to get back on the air. And call in levels for requests of advertising information have increase from 3 per week to 10! And this local radio group is seen as the hero during tough times!

You can download examples of the promotions used in this campaign here, here and here.