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Bugsy Malone's Bar

History: Bugsy Malone’s literally began in the basement area of a local shopping center near the college campus. Originally they billed themselves as a ‘speakeasy’ to make a positive out of the fact that it was out of the way and hard to find. It was a popular hang out for local rockers, but the very small space (under 100 occupancy) really limited their business potential.

The Move: In 2007, Bugsy Malone’s relocated to a much larger location in the downtown entertainment district. To compete with the other large and established bars, they decided to reposition themselves to attract a larger market. Gone was most of the indie rock feel, and it was replaced with karaoke and DJ music.

The Campaign: To attract a large college crowd Bugsy’s began the ‘Mug Night Everynight’ special. Basically $10 for up to 8, 32 ounce mugs of beer! To establish this identity we created the character of ‘Mug Man’.

The Results: ‘Mug Man’ has become such a hit that almost every night the DJ gets requests to play the commercial in the bar! And the patrons know every word!!! Bugsy’s now has solid weekday crowds plus averages 200 to 300 patrons every Thursday through Saturday. Which is 2 to 3 times the previous occupancy!

The Schedule: Bugsy’s uses the rock station with 12 fixed position commercials each week as well as a percentage of unsold inventory, and they couldn’t be happier!!!

You can hear their first commercial here.

Dave Doetsch, Director of Sales
Mid-West Family Broadcasting - Springfield, Illinois