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Local Link: Caren's Paw Parlor

How It All Started:

Caren always wanted to open her own shop. After she was forced out of her position at a local pet center in town, she decided that it was time to fulfill her dream. She opened a small shop on the west end of town down the street from Petsmart. Caren wanted to let her existing clients know her new location & open the door for new ones. She also wanted to hire a groomer after getting more appointments. However, she did not know what to do. She had no existing marketing plan and limited budget to work with. Enter, Mid West Family Broadcasting.

Campaign Strategy:

On Alice 97.7FM, our adult alternative station, personality & program director, Susan Groves, endorses Caren’s Paw Parlor exclusively as the place to take your pet to see Caren; she’s your dog’s best friend.

Message: Cage-free environment/Checks skin problem, infections; full service grooming at a fraction of what you pay at Petsmart. Caren remembers every dog’s name when they come in; personal attention to make your dog feel comfortable

Monday-Friday from 2-6pm, Susan endorses Caren in a live: 60 second personal message.

Total of 5 (:60) second personal endorsements each week for 26 weeks

Start Date: October 27, 2008 End Date: April 24, 2009


Three week promotion starting November 28th (Black Friday) through December 19th

147 (:60) second commercials running 6am-12midnight (7x each day, Monday-Sunday, 3 weeks)

20 (:60) second commercials running Midnight-6am (these were used 1st week evenly distributed)

Message: Stop in, pick up your $10 off paw pass, book appointment or give as stocking stuffer

*From November 28th-December 19th, Susan’s ad-libs also mentioned the offer every day


Caren went from 5-6 appointments each day to 8-10 appointments, she immediately hired a second groomer to help with overflow and they are booked 2 months solid with new clients and growing each day. Caren continues with her ad-libs and still has people coming to redeem their paw pass & book appointments. Susan’s dog, Newman has also become a household name in the conversations her clients have with Caren. Caren believes that radio works and tells me weekly that people call her, come in and say they heard her on the radio!

Download Commercial #1 here.

Download Commercial #2 here.

Dave Doetsch, GSM, Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Springfield, IL