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Foster Homes Campaign

Dave Doetsch writes: "This is an amazing campaign…and a category mostly ignored by media in general!

Camelot Cares is an agency to recruit foster parents for foster children.

They started their campaign on WMAY May of 2008. At first they ran a high frequency short-term schedule, plus we added their not-for-profit ads to give them a strong three day schedule. The only marketing they had done prior to radio was direct to schools and advertising in small newspapers in the outlying area. They currently are advertising consistently with an awareness campaign on WMAY and in a local weekly publication, Mid-West Steals and Deals.

When I first met with them they had 32 foster homes, which they average 32-35 on a regular monthly basis. In February they had six new homes in the process of getting licensed. When I met with the Director just a month later they had 15 homes in the process of being licensed. Once all fifteen are licensed they will have 55 homes, which is their highest number ever.

Attached are some of their commercials, which we are very proud to air. We developed their new tag line, “Maybe you can’t change the whole world, but you can change the world of a child”.

Previously they were using “Foster parents make a difference one child at a time”.

You can download the commercials here:

Commercial #1
Commercial #1
Commercial #1
Commercial #1
Commercial #1