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Local Link - Fat Daddy's Broasted Chicken

Joe Korkowski, Marketing Representative- KXRA in Alexandria, MN writes: "This is obviously a campaign for the new Broasted Chicken at a local bar/restaurant. I went into the studio with a couple of notes and no script.....turned on some music and just started talking in this ridiculously horrible accent...... the result,....they sold out their broasted chicken for a solid month.... That’s the good news,....the bad news is that they are easily distracted from the game plan and switched things up and began promoting their bowling alley....and eventually got a horrible jingle for the restaurant through their television rep (it makes them sound like a mexican restaurant, but they’re an all-american bar/restaurant with a bowling alley and ballroom next door.)....and consequently the broasted chicken guy was put on the back shelf......oddly enough, their broasted chicken sales have died off considerably.

Radio works.... "

Joe's commercials for this client are clearly based on experiment, but they have personality and humor and therefore stand out, while maintaining the key repetition points and focusing on the elements that are important for the listeners to remember. It's no wonder they worked. You can download them below:

Commercial 1
Commercial 2
Commercial 3
Commercial 4