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Garage Door Success Story

This example of radio in action shows how one client grew their business directly through radio. The client is a family business, Glenn Brothers Garage Door Company, located in Pawnee Illinois, 15 Miles South of Springfield, Illinois, owned and operated by brothers Tim and Matt Glenn.

History/Early Situation

Matt and Tim Glenn started the company 2 years ago after being in the garage industry for more than 10 years. They were doing well with contractor work but really needed residential to carry their day to day business. That is when, through a referral, they contact our radio stations.

Station Plan

Glenn Brothers Garage Door Company chose to sponsor the Kirk & Kelm Show, weekdays from 9am-Noon on our talk station WMAY, which provides 10 60-second commercials per week (2 per day) plus recognition throughout the show as a sponsor. Originally they wanted to give advertising a “test” period of 4 months. We agreed only if they gave us complete creative control of the commercials.

The Commercial Message

The commercials were built to be humorous; playing off the ‘male enhancement’ commercials you see & hear to draw attention.

Example: If your door has been stuck up for hours and you can’t get it down call Glenn Brothers Garage Door Company.

Example 2: If you have garage door dysfunction and can’t get it up call Glenn Brothers Garage Doors.

(You can download example #1 of the spots they ran here
You can download example #2 of the spots they ran here
You can download example #3 of the spots they ran here
You can download example #4 of the spots they ran here)

These really caught listeners' attention, and their phones started to ring that week. After the first 2 weeks they were booked out 3 weeks on service calls!

The end result

Then Tim attended one of our branding seminars (for more information, click on the 'revenue.generator' tab, above) and saw what was going to take to hit his goal of $500,000 for the 2009 year. Tim signed an annual branding contract in October bringing his yearly spending to $22,984 and was booked out six weeks in advance until the holidays. They are now running 6 commercials per day on WMAY plus all of the billboards.

Just this past week they landed a State of Illinois contract, which the decision maker said was influenced by the ads they heard all the time on WMAY. This new contact alone has the opportunity to significantly grow their business in the coming year!

Example submitted by Dave Doetsch, Director of Sales, Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Springfield, IL