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The ARIA Team.

Let AC/DC Sell for You!

Here is another idea that worked great and is now underway. This is perfect for just about every kind of rock station, but the idea can be stolen for any format.

Looking for a simple sales idea that will get clients extremely excited? Then try what we just did. AC/DC will be performing live in St. Louis this coming January, so we went out and purchased enough tickets to fill up a bus (32 in total)! We then built a powerful promotion that was designed to draw customers into the door of the client and give them a ton of on-air exposure. Plus clients who purchased the program also received a pair of tickets for their own personal use (which is the part that got them most excited)!

What were our results? We sold out all 8 packages in 6 business days. Sales totaled $14,160 and our cost was only $3,500 (not including sales commission) plus trade for the bus.

We have also done this for Metallica with great success and are now looking at doing the same for Fleetwood Mac for our AC station.

In tough times, ideas will help you reach goal! This is not a new idea, but it works.

Dave Doetsch, DOS, Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Springfield, IL