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Local Link: Personal Transport Company

Here is another non-traditional advertiser who came directly from an ARIA Revenue Generator Project this last July. A local transport company, they are a great example of a business which may not have been approached in normal circumstances, but once they were, their spend began to increase. This is their story.

* Joyful Transport is a non emergency transport service for people of all ages. They transport people from home or residence to doctor’s offices, grocery store or to other residences as well as patients form hospitals to home.
* Before we met with Jim Wooten the owner he was doing ALL print media. They spent close to $56,000 on print over the last year.
* Jim came to one of the Revenue Generator seminars and realized that he needed to do more in radio. He signed on to do one morning drive commercial every weekday on Alice 97.7FM for 52 weeks. He starting seeing some small results but wanted to get more business and his name out to the public. After 1 month Jim signed a contract for 21 commercials per week, Monday through Sunday, for 52 weeks on our talk station and right away the phone started to ring off the hook. They then upgraded to 21 commercials per week Alice 97.7FM and purchased a jingle to support their campaign.
* They are getting calls from Springfield as well as the surrounding counties and have seen a very steady increase of business. They are also starting to see a lot of new clients use their service. They have determined their budget for the upcoming year and cut 98 percent of print and are going to use the savings toward radio. They have now increased their spending with our stations to $37,000.

You can download and listen to the latest commercial used in this campaign here.

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