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Local Link: Daycare Revenue

About a year ago a new owner took over Building Block Preschool Center, a large daycare business in our community with two locations. The previous owner did no advertising, but the new owner took on new debt and needed to grow the enrollment to pay off that debt. They had done some newspaper without much success and were open to new ideas. That is when we shared with them the power of radio when done on a consistent basis.

The new owner understood that they were not the type of business to run an event, and need to focus long term because they gained and lost families on a daily basis. They purchased a jingle and embarked upon their campaign.

So what have been the results? The results are best shared with the fact that on two different occasions within the campaign the client needed to purchase additional commercials to recruitment more employees to help work with all the new children enrolling at Building Blocks!

Are you calling on the daycare providers or preschool operations in your community? I suggest you do.

Download commercial #1 here
Download commercial #2 here

Dave Doetsch, Director of Sales, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
Springfield, IL.

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