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This page is for sharing the great ideas, campaigns, proposals, audio, commercials, sales tips and experiences of Connect member stations.

We know that out of our hundreds of member stations, thousands of proposals and campaigns, sales tips, ideas, commercials are being successfully run each week: here's where we'd like to hear about and share these stories and ideas with other stations, to work together to make the industry as strong as possible.

If you've run a campaign - for any kind of advertiser - that has worked, let us know.

If you've created a commercial that got a great response, let us know.

If you came up with a programing idea that sold locally and got results, let us know.

If you have a tip on managing sales teams, getting the best out of sellers or handling your sales manager - let us know.

The more we can share our ideas and resources, the better of we'll all be and the better prepared we'll be to survive and prosper through the next few quarters.

Submissions we receive will be posted up to this page. Users will also get a chance to leave comments as well. (For a full set of legal stuff about submitting your ideas / content, click here)

To submit any kind of content or idea, just click this link. Don't forget to:

a) include your name, your title and your station call-sign
b) include the script for any commercials you send us as a Word or text document if you have it.
c) include any information you think is relevant about your submission - who the client was, how you came by the idea, who was involved, what the results were; the more useful info the better.

The ARIA Team.

Truth from the Trenches: Computing Repair

They say the truth blows everything down before it. “Radio: Truth from the Trenches”, is a series of true stories about real businesses, owned by real people, in towns just like yours. Aria is creating a series of true radio advertising stories you can use when selling to your prospects and clients. Use these powerful testimonials where and whenever you can.

Its simple: use Aria’s Proposal Workshop or download the appropriate Word document and include your station logo on our pre-built “Truth from the Trenches” templates and go to it.

Most “Truth from the Trenches” examples come with audio files.

If you’d like to share your own “Truth from the Trenches” forward text and audio files to info@aria-radio.com