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The ARIA Team.

Local Link: Holiday Shopping Spree

This idea for increasing your Holiday billings comes from Mark Warwick, GM of WTZQ in Hendersonville, NC. Mark writes: "Please find with this e-mail WTZQ's $1600 Holiday Shopping Spree sales package... This is our 5th year and is always successful! We get 16 businesses to buy the package and provide $100 in gift certificates for the grand prize. With the economic woes that are out there, instead of dropping the price this year, I added two "mini-remotes" from each participating business at no extra charge!... They loved the idea and we only had to make deals for a few businesses this year to sell it out again!! I run trade ads in the newspaper and listeners can go to our website to get the complete list of participating businesses. Listeners love it because someone wins $1600 in gift certificates to some pretty great businesses in town. They can use them themselves or give them as gifts!! Win/Win for everybody!!"

Mark also sent us the one-sheeter his station used to sell this idea, and we've turned it into a full-service, customizable proposal template you can load in the Workshop, add your own logos etc.

If you've had success with a promotion idea, a sales proposal, a way of dealing with clients, a popular programming segment - anything that has worked for you - why not drop us an email so we can share your great ideas with other Connect users. You can email us here.

In the Workshop section, you can preview all proposals, customize them (change text, add your own station logos etc.) save it in your own folders, associate it with particular clients you have added to your Contacts, add in your spot info and print. You can also access Microsoft Word versions for editing outside of Connect]. Click here to view (in the Workshop section of Connect).