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Seize the Opportunity!

Is it possible to combine your station, the local newspaper and TV in one campaign to make sure you get the business? Dave Doetsch thought so and set out to prove himself right.

"February will mark the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, which is a big deal here in Springfield, Illinois. Though he was not born here, he lived most of his life in Springfield and this is recognized as his home town, so much so that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum is located here.

Though this is a big deal, budget challenges in the state of Illinois left a smaller than expected budget to celebrate. Therefore every dollar spent would be closely reviewed and scrutinized. We in the local media couldn’t just sit back and wait and see, instead we needed to seize the opportunity…and we did!

We met with key players on the commission in charge of this event, and when they told us they had a limited budget and may not buy media on a local level, we asked if they were open to ideas, to which they said yes. We moved quickly, contacted the local newspaper and a local TV affiliate and asked if they were interested in a partnership to promote this event, and they were.

Here is how we approached this: first we agreed to combine forces to create a dominate campaign across three major media that would surprise them, then we created commercials/ads that blew them away! We used out of market voices; we used top quality sound effect and graphics all to make them proud that these commercials/ads represented this one of a kind event.

So, what was the result? A $30,000 buy split evenly across the three media partners to run in January and February (a great time since we can give them more bang for their buck)!

Now, what major event is coming to your area? How can you find partners to approach them with the power of mass media? Create a great campaign with a dominant presence and you’ll be amazed at the level of interest they have in advertising with you.

I have attached the commercials we used to seal the deal…we are very proud of them and cannot wait until they hit the airwaves!"

Download commercial #1 here
Download commercial #2 here
Download commercial #3 here

By Dave Doetsch, Director of Sales, Mid-West Family Broadcasting Springfield, IL.

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