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The ARIA Team.

Local Link: Cash Hidden Away In Apartments!

It's amazing where ad budgets can be found. Did you know that Apartment Communities often have ad budgets that could be used on radio? And that this can include money to be used for more than just attracting new tenants? Well, neither did we until Connect user Charlie Jennings sent in this great idea. He writes:

"We’ve found that Apartment Communities have untapped dollars to use for attracting new tenants and for entertaining existing ones.

We created a series of Apartment community events such as Pool Parties, Halloween Parties, Wine and Cheese Parties, etc…

The client buys an ad schedule, the station pre-promotes and provides food, prizes, van and PA.

The budgets will vary with each community so tailor your proposal to fit each community...We’ve got two to three of these scheduled every month!

Good Luck!

Charlie Jennings, GSM
Jacksonville's NEW Number One for Country...
99.9 Gator Country & 100.7 WMUV
Jacksonville, Fl "

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