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Attacking Confusion Head-On

Sometimes, a client has a very specific need to address and signing them up for an airtime campaign may depend on you addressing this problem. We received an email from an ARIA Connect subscriber, as follows:

"I'm having a hard time with a client who owns a hunting, fishing, archery, and shooting store called Sportsman Inc. He is reluctant to advertise during our sports broadcasts, this week is the high school state championship football game and amazingly 2 of the teams in my city are playing in it. He wants to support the high schools but (based on prior print efforts) is not willing to invest ad $'s to have people call and ask if he carries sporting goods like baseball bats, etc.

How can his ad address that issue without being negative in the copy talking about what he doesn't carry?"

Interesting. The first reaction to this for many sellers may be to try and create some kind of commercial that avoids the issue, or that tries hard solely to focus on the products the client does carry to clear up the confusion. Our opinion however was that this is an important issue which needs to be addressed head-on - and that radio is the perfect medium to so. We wrote a script and produced a demo. See what you think.

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Key words: sporting goods, hunting, fishing, shooting, guns, hooks, bait, archery, crossbow

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