This page is a database of audio campaigns and spec commercials for your reference and use. You can download any of the commercials, many of which come with scripts, and edit them for use in your market.

Flooring Company Commercial Concept

The New Year is always a time when we look at our surroundings and wish for a fresh start. Home Improvement tasks are forefront in peoples' minds. This, coupled with the downturn in the economy, means that suppliers of products like flooring are keener than ever to get business.

Remember, the businesses that survive this downturn will come out the other side stronger and with larger market shares than ever. Helping your clients see how important advertising is in this equation is a big part of your job as a seller.

Here's an exaple of a commercial and script for a fine flooring company. Notice how in only 30-seconds you can achieve the entire situation example and business details and still not sound rushed. This allows you to give your client greater frequency for less spend.

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Key words: DIY, home improvement, floor, wood, contractor, decor, carpet, tile

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